Alice & Craig's Front Porch (before and after)

Resurfacing Pressure Treated Wood on Front Porch



Front porch before resurfacing

Alice & Craig's Front Porch


We repaired trim and lattice and resurfaced the floor, steps
and all vertical surfaces with Lifetime Coating.


front porch PT floor


"We offer a unique solution to an ugly problem:
For a fraction of the cost to replace, we give our
customers a new deck, porch or concrete surface
that will look better and last longer than
anything else available."

-- Debbie French/Owner


front porch resurfaced floor

The rails were resurfaced in snow white, the floor in rich brown. We have many colors from which to choose!


-- Mr. Iden, Spotsylvania
(From signed Walk-Thru Inspection Form on file)


PT rail, flooring, trim

Here you see the old PT 1x4 trim,
cracked PT boards, nail pops and mold.


Resurfaced rail, floor, trim

We replaced the trim with new white vinyl, recessed the nails, tightened the structure, pressure washed it all clean, filled in the cracks, splits, and holes, encapsulated the splinters, and gave these folks a beautiful, new railing and floor surface for a fraction of the cost to rip it up and replace it! We used Lifetime Coating... a crushed stone aggregate composite resurface material warrantied for life. Do not accept a substitute.



PT stairs before resurfacing

(click on photo for enlargement)

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Pressure treated stairs after resurfacing


Railing and floor before

We resurface old, weathered, cracked and deteriorated pressure treated wood into new composite and give our clients a maintenance free deck, porch, gazebo or dock to be proud of... and do it for a lot less than starting over.


Railing and floor after

Two coats on the railing and two coats on the floor. The owners of this front porch should not need maintenance on this porch floor or railing for life. No composite manufacturer will make that claim.


Personal Note from the Owner & General Manager:

"When our wise and wonderful government leaders in Washington led us into this last recession, the housing industry tanked and took the decking industry with it. So we set out to discover some way to create an opportunity that would help the battered decking industry and the beaten up homeowners as well. After years of product development, research and testing we found Lifetime Coating and StoneWood and we knew we held the answer. It is with great pride that we offer to homeowners across the country the opportunity to condition, preserve and protect their pressure treated wood (or composite or concrete) project top and bottom with our proprietary systems. These systems will protect their homes by saving future maintenance costs and keep most of their hard earned money where it belongs: In their own bank. Does it sound like we are on a mission? We are. We have found a way to help our neighbors save money and save their homes without giving them a bail out or a hand out. We are even creating jobs as a result."

-- Debbie & Mike French

decking and railings resurfaced

Want to see something interesting? This front porch is 306 SF in area and contains 60 LF of railings. Go to our online Cost Calculator (& Contract) and see for yourself how much it would cost to replace the old PT decking and railings with composite... or resurface it instead as these folks did. The difference in cost is impressive.

Resurfacing pressure treated and concrete

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