What happens when things go wrong...


We had researched and studied the resurfacing
business and tested various products for years.
Then it was...

... time to start selling and applying this wonderful
product to real customer's decks!


deck boards replaced

Wayne & Liz were one of the first.


We thought we were doing everything right.


replace rotting decking first

We inspected the deck for bad boards...



resurfacing done right

And every one of them were replaced.



deck before resurfacing

We used a fungicide to kill the fungus that
had destroyed all those deck boards!


deck after resurfacing

So that we could preserve the deck from
above against any more decay or rot.


deck rail cap before resurfacing

We pressured washed it clean and then went about...



deck rail cap after resurfacing

... tightening the railings and recessing the nails.



step before resurface

We then applied two coats of product...


step after resurface

... to the rails and the floor...
following the directions to the letter!

That's when things headed south!
We got a call from our clients...

resurfacing gone south

And they were not very happy. Turns out the
resurfacing was all peeling off!

resurfacing gone wrong

We rushed right over and saw they were right.
We were frankly more upset than they were!
We called our factory and explained what
had happened. Come to find out we had
done everything right (well almost).

We had no way to know it, but our material
could not be applied when the temperature
drops below 50 degrees at night for 7 nights
in a row!

Click for happy conclusion to our sad story.

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